TSC Meeting Update

Michael Dolan

Hey all,

You might have noticed that the OCIO TSC meeting time and length have changed. The OCIO TSC has been meeting weekly since February 2019, and will continue on a weekly cadence until sometime after the release of OCIO v2, at which point we intend to reduce that frequency to every other week. Much of the TSC agenda over this last year and a half has been focused on the transition to the ASWF, and a separate OCIO v2 working group has met monthly (hosted by Autodesk) to discuss new feature development. Now that our move to the ASWF is complete, we've decided to merge these two meetings, making the TSC (Technical Steering Committee) meeting a place to discuss ongoing design and feature development along with process and infrastructure. To accommodate this change the TSC meeting has been extended to 1 hour, and the time moved to later in the day to encourage participation from more time zones.

As a reminder, the TSC meeting is open to all, and is a great place to keep up with the project and get involved. These changes start next week and all calendar events have been updated to reflect the change. Also, please note in the calendar event a link to an ongoing agenda Google Doc. If you have topics to raise at the TSC meeting, please add them to this document before the meeting. The event also contains a link to the TSC meeting notes in the OCIO GitHub repo, where you can read up on past meetings and resolutions.