New patch releases available -- OCIO 2.1.2 and 2.0.4

Doug Walker

Dear OCIO community,


New patch releases are now available: OpenColorIO 2.1.2 and 2.0.4.


These are ABI-compatible releases for the 2.1.x and 2.0.x series that roll up the various minor fixes and enhancements that have accumulated since our previous set of patch releases back in December.


More detail on the releases is available here:


And while I have your valuable attention, here are a few project updates:


-- There is a new feature release in progress, OCIO 2.2, due this fall.


-- The Configs working group is busy cooking up new ACES configs.


-- We are planning various in-person and virtual events around the SIGGRAPH time frame.  More details coming soon, please stay tuned.


As a reminder, feel free to join the Slack instance to learn more about the ongoing activities:


Best regards,

The OCIO Technical Steering Committee


Richard Shaw

Updates built and submitted for Fedora linux.