icc profiles not working

Alex Fry <al...@...>

Hey guys

Has anyone tried baking out icc profiles recently?

I've been trying to bake one out with variations on the following command:

ociobakelut --format icc --inputspace acesproxy --outputspace rrt_rec709_full_100nits  --description "AcesProxy to Rec709" ~/Library/ColorSync/Profiles/acesproxy_to_rec709.icc

ociobakelut doesn't throw any errors, and a profile is created.
But neither Preview or Photoshop are picking it up.

ColorSync Utility.app throws the following error when verifying .


   Header message digest (MD5) is missing. 

It's also not showing any graphical representation of the profile in the "Lab plot" pane.

This is a fresh install of OCIO via brew.