IMath link issue and a v2 config file query.

Simon Smith


I was just building OCIO under Windows for VS2019 via cmake and I had to define the preprocessor IMATH_HALF_NO_LOOKUP_TABLE to correctly link against the build of OpenEXR that I did (using the same build chain and default parameters) as it would not find the math_half_to_float_table symbol (although it was actually in the lib file).

Just wondering if it was something I missed whilst building OpenEXR, or something in OCIO that might need updating - i’m assuming it was my error somewhere to be honest, but wanted to raise it.

One quick question about v2 OCIO config files - what happens if they are loaded into a v1 enabled OCIO library/application? What would be the expected behaviour?

Best Regards,

Simon C Smith
Co-Founder & CTO

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