Install instructions

Richard Shaw <hobbe...@...>

Ok, since I'm already thinking about it I figured I'd hash something out:

Installation on supported systems

OpenColorIO is available in the standard repositories, simply type the
following as root:
<code>yum install OpenColorIO</code> or search for OpenColorIO from
the GUI software installer.

OpenColorIO is available for RedHat Enterprise Linux 6 (and similar)
through the Fedora EPEL repository.

Reference for repository
installation instructions and then install the same as on Fedora.
--- end ---

Can someone add this (or something similar) to:

Are other distros already supported?

The RPMs for Fedora would probably work on OpenSUSE but they would not
be able to use the Fedora repositories for a number of reasons. It
appears SUSE 12 is roughly equivalent to Fedora 16 (at least by GCC