Metadata (WAS: OCIO v2 January working group meeting)

Troy Sobotka <troy.s...@...>

First, an apology for igniting the naming debate. Second, a huge congrats on reaching consensus on the naming of the ExponentTransform and its sibling.

Part of me wants a PowerToe T shirt though...

On Mon, Jan 28, 2019 at 6:44 PM Doug Walker <Doug....@...> wrote:

TOPIC:  NEW COLORSPACE "CATEGORY" ATTRIBUTE  PR #648  (PR 7 days, but API/tests for 64 days)

-- Thomas pointed out the risk of these features not being implemented the same way (similar to roles).  The group agreed it was a useful feature but the standard list and intended behavior of the categories needs to be clearly documented.

I completely agree with this. From a UI construction point of view, and in accordance with the ISO’s additive RGB colorspace definition, is it feasible to enforce a bare minimum set of tags that might include:

1. TransferFunction
2. Chromaticity
3. AchromaticChromaticity

I ask because it is deadly tricky trying to implement OCIO v1 as a UI colour management system without some degree of clarity on certain transform classes and their undisclosed colorimetry. Being able to, for example, deduce the underlying chromaticities and separate them from both technical and aesthetic transfer functions is required for displaying UI elements correctly according to need. Attempting to do so with only a blind view transform is virtually impossible currently. 

Great work,