New release -- OCIO 2.1.0

Doug Walker

Dear OCIO community,

We are pleased to announce the release of OpenColorIO 2.1.0!

This release features support for the ACES 1.3 Gamut Compression algorithm, an initial set of OpenFX plug-ins, and installation of the Python bindings via pip install, among many other enhancements.

This is the new feature release for this year and will be the base version for our entry in the CY2022 VFX Reference Platform (which specifies 2.1.x).

Many thanks to all of you who have made contributions to the project leading up to this release. Special thanks to Remi Achard and Michael Dolan who contributed exciting new features.

We will also make a 2.0.2 release this week incorporating all of the bug fixes since 2.0.1.

There are two other points worth calling out here:

1) Due to the new features, the OCIO config file format has been incremented to 2.1 and this is what will be created by default. Given that there are no apps out there yet using 2.1, please take note that the Config class has a setVersion method that may be used to write configs with the version set to 2 (or even 1, if needed).

2) The support for Open Shading Language is preliminary and experimental. We are planning on enhancing that in the 2.1.x releases and would like to hear from you if you have interest in color managing OSL.

Kind regards,

Doug Walker, Michael Dolan, and Patrick Hodoul