New release -- OCIO 2.1.1

Doug Walker

Dear OCIO community,

We are pleased to announce the release of OpenColorIO 2.1.1 and 2.0.3.

These are ABI-compatible releases for the 2.1.x and 2.0.x series that include a number of important bug-fixes and enhancements.

The VFX Reference Platform for CY 2022 specifies 2.1.x, so 2.1.1 is now our recommended library for product and tool releases in the new year.

We also provided 2.0.3 in case anyone needs a release that is ABI compatible with 2.0.x that has the latest bug-fixes.

More detail on the releases is available here:

These releases contain contributions from Apple and several other new contributors. It's really great to see so much ongoing activity in the project!

Warm regards and Happy Holidays,

Doug Walker, Michael Dolan, and Patrick Hodoul