OCIO Looks, graceful failure.

Alex Fry <al...@...>

Hey guys

I'm trying to implement OCIO Looks on a job at the moment.

Ideally, I'd like to be able to point to a series of shot specific .cc files on disk, but this falls over when I have shots with no grade present on disk.

"OCIOIPNode: The specified file reference 'CDL_testing/$SHOT.cc' could not be found" (This is in RV)

I can get it to behave If I name the .cc file something static like clientCDL.cc, and move the $SHOT variable further up the path string, and then have fallback search paths to SEQ and SHOW directories with generic blank clientCDL.cc files. But I just feel like I might be missing a trick here somewhere.

How are other people implementing Looks in the wild?

Alex Fry