OCIO v2 beta2 tag

Doug Walker

Hi all,

We have just tagged master as the second beta for OCIO v2. The release candidate is not far off, we request people test this thoroughly and help us find any issues. Here are the noteworthy changes relative to beta1:

PR #1189, Named Color Transforms -- It is now possible to include color transforms in a config separately from color spaces.
PR #1229, Data bypass fix -- Critical bug fix for an issue where conversions on data color spaces were sometimes not bypassed.
PR #1205, Remove dynamic properties from configs -- It is not possible to use dynamic properties in configs, configs are intended to be fixed representations.
PR #1228, Bump pybind11 required version to 2.6.1 -- Moving from 2.4.3 to 2.6.1 removes a dependency that was causing build issues.
PR #1204, Some API cleanup -- Capitalization change for three functions used for iterating over available LUT file formats.
PR #1208, Remove the 'unknown' shader language -- Minor cleanup of the GPU renderer API.

many thanks,

Doug Walker