Python libraries not linked against on non windows platforms?

Richard Shaw <hobbe...@...>

I just noticed when running rpmlint on my installation of OpenImageIO
that PyOpenImageIO can't find a lot of python symbols.

I looked in the cmake config for pyglue and noticed that the python
libraries are not being linked against on non-windows platforms:

target_link_libraries(PyOpenColorIO OpenColorIO
debug ${PYTHON_LIB}/python26_d.lib
optimized ${PYTHON_LIB}/python26.lib)
target_link_libraries(PyOpenColorIO OpenColorIO)
--- END ---

I noticed that ocio is using a custom macro for finding python, I'm
guessing because the standard FindPythonLibs and FindPythonInterp
don't provide all the needed information.

I think all that's needed for *nix's would be FindPythonLibs but was
in a quandry on where to put it. It's not really needed in the main
cmake config but could go in the pyglue cmake config.

I'm working on it now. I'll do a pull request if I'm happy with it.