Review: ociobakelut improvements

Jeremy Selan <jeremy...@...>

Added options for specifying simple color corrections (such as
saturation, offsets, etc) in addition to normal lut commands. Also
allow for specification of forward and inverse luts (as supported by
the underlying OCIO library- still no inverse 3d luts allowed).

example: ociobakelut --lut filmlut.3dl --lut calibration.3dl --format
flame display.3dl
example: ociobakelut --lut look.3dl --offset 0.01 -0.02 0.03 --lut
display.3dl --format flame display_wlook.3dl

Config-Free LUT Baking
(all options can be specified multiple times, each is applied in order)
--lut %s Specify a LUT (forward direction)
--invlut %s Specify a LUT (inverse direction)
--slope %f %f %f slope
--offset %f %f %f offset (float)
--offset10 %f %f %f offset (10-bit)
--power %f %f %f power
--sat %f saturation (ASC-CDL luma coefficients)

-- Jeremy