Sci-Tech Request

Jeremy Selan <jeremy...@...>


As you may have noticed, ASC-CDL was selected for Sci-Tech consideration this year under the category of "Digital workflow specifications for managing color".

We are interested in providing the Academy with additional information on OpenColorIO as a potential example of related technology.

Our Request:
If you have used OpenColorIO on a motion-picture production, and are comfortable sharing this information with the Academy, please let us know.  Specifically, a listing of the motion-picture titles which used OCIO, and the facility associated with the work, are most helpful at this time.

Sony Imageworks
    - Oz The Great and Powerful
    - The Amazing Spider-Man
    - Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs 2

If you'd prefer to not post publicly, feel free to email me directly.

Also, by no means are we only interested in large titles, or those produced in the US.  We would love to hear about *all* uses, both big and small!  You also don't have to be a VFX facility. We are equally interested in uses at post-houses, on-set, mastering facilities, etc. The only requirement is that it was used in motion-picture production.

The Academy deadline for submitting this information is this Tuesday, Aug 27th.  So realistically, we'd need to get all responses by this Monday, Aug 26th to be of help.