Siggraph Events

Jeremy Selan <jeremy...@...>

Team OpenColorIO,

Is there interest in having an OCIO Birds of a Feather this year?
Would you attend?

I am not inclined to prepare a presentation (like the last two years),
but if there is interest in having a BOF session I am happy to set one
up. I can arrange a projector too.

Is anyone interested in presenting at an OCIO BOF? It doesn't have to
be a formal presentation. Perhaps a discussion of how they used OCIO
in production, what went well, what didn't, etc. And then we can all
nod in agreement, and discuss the future roadmap. We have some
exciting things coming up for OCIO (namely native integration in even
more VFX apps!).

If we are not interested in a formal OCIO get together this year,
there are still two opportunities to meet as a community:

- Tuesday @ 9 AM. I will be teaching a course, "Cinematic Color"

For those active on this list, this will probably be a bit on the
introductory side, but I hope to throw enough details in there to make
it worthwhile for everyone. I have also written up rather extensive
course notes; I will post a link on this forum once they are posted
online. As always, immediately following the course there will likely
be a hangout in the hall for everyone to say hi and grab a drink.

- Wednesday @ 7PM. "Beer of a Feather". Continuing the success of
last year, we will be hosting a pub event for all open-source projects
in VFX and animation. This will be your chance to spell out what you
really think of our projects. Inebriated API discussions will be
fine, though there won't be a projector. :) Location to be


Jeremy Selan <jeremy...@...>

After feedback from the community, I think its probably simplest to
NOT have an OpenColorIO BOF this year. Given that we wont have the
opportunity to prepare a rockin' BOF presentation, and that people's
time Siggraph week is really precious, I think it makes the most sense
to meet instead at the already scheduled color events:

Tuesday 9 AM, 408A: "Cinematic Color", (with an informal hangout /
discussion immediately following)
Wednesday 7PM, Cork Bar. "Open Source VFX Beer of a Feather".

Next year I promise to put together an awesome OCIO BOF, something at
least twice as good as usual. ;)

And stay tuned for some really exciting announcements post-siggraph,
concerning commercial apps which will soon have native OCIO support.