#cal-cancelled Postponing the next Review and Approval meeting to 9/14 #cal-cancelled

Erik Strauss <estrauss@...>

Hi All,

A quick update:  I've canceled tomorrows meeting, as there is not much progress to share on either track.  I am also communicating with the Dneg team to find a more Euro-Friendly timeslot so they can attend more regularly.

I'll send out a poll to this channel with those revised meeting time options when I have them.

In the interim we are putting together a sharable signup sheet for the various sub-projects on the metadata and standards track. Once its out please share it within your companies to see if we can widen participation on some of these initiatives. 

Lastly, Bruno has had to step aside as co-chair, due to an ongoing work conflict. I am looking for a volunteer to partner with on this working group if anyone is interested please reach out. (Don't be scared its some lite wrangling and planning bits, not super taxing but I could use some coverage to help) 

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