Re: [EXTERNAL] [wg-review-approve] Poll Results and Next Steps [Postponement of tomorrow's meeting while we find a new day and Cadence] #cal-cancelled

Sean Wallitsch

  1. Tuesday
  2. Friday
  3. Wednesday
  4. Monday
Unable: Thursday

Honestly I thought that the proposed 9PT slot was already for 9 Tuesday

On Mon, Oct 11, 2021 at 5:55 PM Erik Strauss via <> wrote:
Hi All,

The 09:00PT slot was the winner with an 8 "yes" to 2 "no" in returned results.  So we'll pivot to that time slot.

Our cadence of progress has slowed a bit so I'd like to propose we pivot to a monthly cadence for now rather than bi-weekly.  We can always pick up bi-weekly again when the pace accelerates. 

In accordance with that, I will reschedule the instance for tomorrow based on those guidelines.

The one last item we need to determine is day of the week:

Please reply with your 1st and 2nd choices for day of the week (with a 9:00am) start time. I'll aggregate them into a table and pick the best option for everyone based on preference.

e.g (Erik:  1st choice Thurs. 2nd: Wed.)

Thanks everyone, 

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