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Erik Strauss

Hi All,

Crickets on the naming thing huh... (yeah.. names are hard).  One bit of clarification. The name we are looking for is for the*Project* not any current/future *Product* like RV Itview and X-studio.  They will have their own brands for a while and exist underneath the *Project*. We need a Project name, as our addition to the TAC generates a 501c Non Profit Organization which houses all of the *products*.  

So far in the absence of alternatives we have "The RnA Project" as our only candidate,  I'd love some other catchy suggestions if anyone has them.  Whatever name we choose will be on press releases all across Siggraph so once whatever we choose is out there it's staying.

Please add any more suggestions to this thread or give feedback on "The RnA Project" if you have an idea as to how to make it better. 

We'll need to finalize something prior to the press releases slated for Siggraph so it has to be solidified in the next week.


On Thu, Jul 21, 2022 at 5:00 PM Erik Strauss <erik.strauss@...> wrote:
Hi All,

For those of you who could not attend today's meeting I have included a link to the notes. 

This meeting was mostly procedural, but we have several action items that need attention in the near term.  They are:

Punch List of Formation tasks:

Determine a name for the project

Setup the meeting to determine initial TSC leadership

Determine trademark status for existing products (mostly RV)

As it becomes available point code at LF license checker prior to commits

The First two are most critical

The name of the project drives much of the technical setup. We do need to be thoughtful about this because once selected we are stuck with it pretty much forever... but this needs to happen shortly.

Sean has suggested RnA which is easy and has some natural metaphorical tie-ins (pun intended) but I'd be happy for others to chime in with suggestions on this as well. (hint: please reply with catchy names)

We didn't have full representation today so we will need a followup meeting regarding seeding the initial TSC membership.  I'll try and set that up as soon as everyone is back from various vacations etc..

Thanks Everyone for your continued investment.


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