Rreview And Approval Working Group Presentation at the ASWF Open Source Days is TOMORROW @ 1:50 PM PT

Erik Strauss <estrauss@...>

Hello Everyone! I am excited to MC our recent efforts in the working group at tomorrow's ASWF Open Source Days! Our timeslot is 1:50PM PT. If you cannot attend in person, here's a link so that you can join the meeting virtually! We also have a Q&A doc that I have linked as well, so if you have any burning questions please add them to it, and we'll do our best to address them either in the room or offline.  
here's the webinar link: (NB: it may require you to make an LF foundation account, which is free, if you don't already have one)
Here is the Q&A doc if you want to add any questions:
Looking forward to seeing everyone and sharing our exciting news with the world!

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