Retiring the "Review and Approval Working group" Monthly meeting

Erik Strauss

Hi All,

This is a reminder that our regular monthly meeting invite has changed.  We are retireing the "Working Group" meeting, and replacing it with the "Open Review Initiative Monthly Community" meeting.  

You all should have received an email that was titled " REGSISTRATION NEEDED: Open Review Initiative Monthly Community meeting." In that email there were instructions on how to register with the Linux Foundation, and be onboarded to the new ORI Community meeting. If you haven't already please find that email and register, so you get the calendar invite for tomorrow's meeting.  

I've left the old invite in the calendar for now, just in case folks don't regularly check these announcements. I will leave a screen-share pointer to these instructions in the old invite tomorrow for stragglers to find the new invite. After tomorrow I will remove the old invite from the calendar.

Thanks and please reply with any questions. 

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