Feature-set comparison and Issues questionnaire.

Sam Richards

It's been great seeing all the demos, there are a lot of great applications out there. Since we are in the middle of the demos, it feels like we should be tracking what features the different applications have, so that we get a more complete idea of what are common features, vs. perhaps unique to a studios workflow. But I feel that it's probably more important to start collecting ideas of what are common issues that we all face, and what we might hope that ASWF might help with.

I talked to Erik about collecting the ideas and have started building a spreadsheet for it:

There are two tabs, one with a list of "Challenges" and a second with a "Feature Comparison".
If you do only one, perhaps try to look at the Challenges. I've added a few ideas of things that I think are challenges, but do add more.

For the feature set, I was thinking this might be useful further down the road to possibly build a matrix of what features are needed for different tasks, and that might be something we do as a more conventional questionnaire.

Erik was thinking we would talk about this in tuesday's meeting, so we have a chance to possibly change the structure, but feel free to start filling out some of it.


Sam Richards
Disney Imagineering.