TSC formation meeting 7/26 @9:00am PT #cal-invite

Erik Strauss <estrauss@...>

Hi All,

At John' suggestion I have added a one off TSC formation meeting to the calendar a week from today 7/26@9:00am PT. This meeting will codify the roles in the TSC so if you are interested in participating please do your best to attend. 

We are NOT scheduled to be meeting on the regular 8/2 date as folks will have their heads down prior to Siggraph and instead will use the ASWF Open Source day event during Siggraph as our August broadcast of updates.

Thank you all and looking forward to the TSC formation.

a rough agenda is below:

  • Welcome/Introductions
  • Discuss the role of the TSC
  • TSC Chairperson
    • Discuss role
    • Nominations/election
  • Infrastructure transition plan
    • Review Infrastructure Inventory Checklist
  • Determine TSC meeting cadence