TSC candidate discussion on deck for 9/6

Group Moderator

Hi All,

Welcome back everyone from a successful Open Source Days announcement of our newly branded "Open Review Initiative"  We got some great visibility and press coverage from that event, and if you were unable to attend in person, the room was packed and there was a ton of interest from across the community. 

The next order of business is determining the first round of TSC participants to begin the planning and directional strategy for the initiative. TSC's are typically small, (6-ish people) to keep them efficient at decision making. They are also not static, so depending on what phase the initiative is in, we will be rotating people in/out of the TSC so that it best represents the initiative and the community participating in it. Our TSC should strive to represent the overall community and not be unintentionally biased by representation that is too similar in thought, experience or context which might exclude representation from the larger community. (e.g. just all large studios being represented). As a reminder, the TSC is separate from the individual project based working groups which will include different people based on their individual needs. 

With all that said, I wanted to pre-seed the conversation on 9/6 as we will be looking for volunteers who are interested in participating in the TSC. While we will have TSC reps from the three initially contributing companies, I am looking to add 3 more people to the TSC who can help steer the strategic direction of the initiative in our crucial formative early days.  I should note that discussions in the TSC will likely be heavily biased towards software architecture early on, as we need to get this right first, to enable everything that will come afterwards, so if you are looking to participate in the TSC early on, you should feel comfortable discussing and debating the merits of differing choices in this area of software development. 

If software architecture isn't your cup of tea, don't fret as there will be many other opportunities to contribute at the project level and as we rotate members of the TSC based on phase of the initiative itself. 
Even though there are a only a handful of slots to fill right now, this is not some Machiavellian middle school P.E. dodge ball team selection thing. Please don't get FOMO if in this initial call for participants we don't end up asking you to join the TSC right now. We'll do our best as a group to select a few folks who can most effectively represent the community and the needs of the initiative at this moment in time. Everyone who wants to participate will have ample opportunities to do so as the initiative gets its feet underneath it. We are at the start of a long journey not the end of one.

If you'd like to be on the TSC at this point in our journey and feel you can actively drive discussions and add value to the direction of the initiative please reply to this thread so we can register your interest prior to the upcoming meeting.

Thanks and I am looking forward to seeing you all on the call!