Re: lets remove some stuff!

Matt Chambers

6. ActiveMQ / JMS

Remove it for now but but bring it back as an external plugin. With spring, as long as you package the jar properly, you can load load external plugins at runtime. These plugins would have to be packaged as Spring Boot starters, which is basically just a file in src/main/resources that tells Spring where to search for beans.

Sounds interesting though I'm a little less clear on the details here. It sounds like it will simplify the Cuebot config by letting us ditch some of the "enable this feature" config values we recently added to help Cuebot work better in new environments.

ActiveMQ is hard coded as a dependency to OpenCue, however ActiveMQ is just one of the message bus systems in use in the M/E industry.  I actually think RabbitMQ is quite popular as well.

Maybe we should explore  using the local pub/sub system that is part of Google Guava to feed potentially any external message bus.  Then we just have plugins for Google PubSub, ActiveMQ, RabbitMQ, etc.  The plugins would be separate stand-alone jars available on the docker image that can be activated with an environment variable, something like that.


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