Reviewing chained changes

Brian Cipriano

Hi Matt, all,

Big thanks for all the work you've been doing so far. Lots of good stuff in these PRs you've sent.

Listing them here for easy reference:

It looks like these changes are "chained", i.e. each is dependent on the one that came before it. Having done this before myself I certainly get why it's done this way :)  But it does make each change hard to review on its own, since each PR also contains the changelist from the ones before it.

So we should probably follow a process like:
- Start with the first PR, iterate on it until it's ready to go.
- Merge it to master.
- Move to the second PR, merge master into that branch, resolve conflicts as needed.
- Review second PR until it's ready to go.
- And so on.

Does that make sense? If anyone has suggestions for better ways to do this, either on the PR-creation side or the review side, I'm all ears.

- brian