Re: unusual error when loading Rqd-


Hi all , anybody following this thread here is an update.

- We have switched from Ubuntu 18.04 to Centos 7. It felt like most of the workings of Opencue resolved on installation of CentOS
- Also, there seemed to be error creating the database table. Only one table for some reason was not created. we had some workaround by manually installing the database 
- Export Cuebot as localhost was not writing  and showed error as host not found, We had to make an entry into /etc/ manually. 

Although challenging, we are still working on getting a document that outlines the installation process on CentOS7 without errors. If we do complete and make it production ready , i will definitely update it here. Thanks for all the forum queries and answers. Always helps when others have faced similar issues and have sorted it out ! Cheers !  

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