GPU "EVEE" render issue Opencue


Hi All, we have been testing Opencue extensively in Blender. We have been able to successfully render on cycles. We also did check it out using addons. Everything works great! However we have run into a technical snag when dealing with GPU renderer "Evee". For some reason, Open cue throws up an error stating "Unable to open a display". We checked CLI commands which Opencue used to render and for some reason it renders :) .. same thing sent it through CueSubmit it says failed render. I have attached the Log and have tried posting this in the Blender forums. If somebody could shed some light on this that would be ace ! Thank you all in advance !

RenderQ JobSpec      Wed Sep 25 16:47:06 2019 

proxy                RunningFrame/08864f56-e3bc-4ec0-a111-1830cce54f6c -t:tcp -h -p 10021
command              blender -b -noaudio /databox/00_Research_Dev/Test_Render/For_Render_v07.blend -f 1 -F JPEG
uid                  1003
gid                  20
logDestination       /shots/testing/Shot_01/logs/testing-shot_01-opencue_eevee_test--b7fa9474-d8f1-4b66-a30b-65395605cfb4/testing-shot_01-opencue_eevee_test.0001-eevee.rqlog
cwd                  /tmp/testing-shot_01-opencue_eevee_test/0001-eevee
jobId                b7fa9474-d8f1-4b66-a30b-65395605cfb4
frameId              08864f56-e3bc-4ec0-a111-1830cce54f6c
env                  CUE3=1
env                  CUE_CHUNK=1
env                  CUE_FRAME=0001-eevee
env                  CUE_FRAME_ID=08864f56-e3bc-4ec0-a111-1830cce54f6c
env                  CUE_GPU_MEMORY=0
env                  CUE_IFRAME=1
env                  CUE_JOB=testing-shot_01-opencue_eevee_test
env                  CUE_JOB_ID=b7fa9474-d8f1-4b66-a30b-65395605cfb4
env                  CUE_LAYER=eevee
env                  CUE_LAYER_ID=4f2f5c9d-493f-4a4d-a5da-8ce976883f37
env                  CUE_LOG_PATH=/shots/testing/Shot_01/logs/testing-shot_01-opencue_eevee_test--b7fa9474-d8f1-4b66-a30b-65395605cfb4
env                  CUE_MEMORY=3355443
env                  CUE_RANGE=1-50
env                  CUE_SHOT=Shot_01
env                  CUE_SHOW=testing
env                  CUE_THREADABLE=0
env                  CUE_THREADS=1
env                  CUE_USER=opencue
env                  HOME=/net/homedirs/opencue
env                  LOGNAME=opencue
env                  MAIL=/usr/mail/opencue
env                  PATH=/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin
env                  SP_NOMYCSHRC=1
env                  TERM=unknown
env                  TZ=IST
env                  USER=opencue
env                  frame=0001-eevee
env                  jobhost=
env                  jobid=testing-shot_01-opencue_eevee_test
env                  logfile=testing-shot_01-opencue_eevee_test.0001-eevee.rqlog
env                  maxframetime=0
env                  mcp=1
env                  minspace=200
env                  shot=Shot_01
env                  show=testing
env                  zframe=0001-eevee
Blender 2.80 (sub 75) (hash f6cb5f54494e built 2019-07-29 17:17:04)
Read prefs: /home/opencue/.config/blender/2.80/config/userpref.blend
found bundled python: /plangle04/Applications/Blender/blender-2.80-linux-glibc217-x86_64/2.80/python
Read blend: /databox/00_Research_Dev/Test_Render/For_Render_v07.blend
Unable to open a display
/tmp/rqd-cmd-08864f56-e3bc-4ec0-a111-1830cce54f6c-1569410226.35: line 1: 11484 Aborted                 (core dumped) blender -b -noaudio /databox/00_Research_Dev/Test_Render/For_Render_v07.blend -f 1 -F JPEG

RenderQ Job Complete

exitStatus          134
exitSignal          0
startTime           Wed Sep 25 16:47:06 2019
endTime             Wed Sep 25 16:47:06 2019
maxrss              0
utime               0.41
stime               0.07

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