Windows support Alpha

Brian Cipriano

Hello all,

You may have noticed that the recently-posted v0.3.33 release mentions "RQD Windows support". We on the OpenCue TSC wanted to provide a bit more information here.

With this release, the main OpenCue codebase has been updated to run Windows jobs. Both the client-side tools (CueGUI/CueSubmit) and RQD have been updated to work on Windows.

That having been said, there are some caveats:
  • No packaging/deployment options are provided yet. For example there's no installer for registering RQD as a service on a Windows host.
  • Logging still needs work as RQD defaults to the Linux syslog. It does log to stdout properly for now.
  • RQD has no support for UID-switching as it does on Linux -- this is disabled for now on Windows hosts.
  • CueGUI needs EDITOR support on Windows clients.
  • The documentation is still mostly Linux-specific.
  • Jobs are single platform only, i.e. jobs will run on Linux hosts only or Windows hosts only, because the file paths specified in your job commands will only work on one or the other. An enterprising user could work around this now by using environment variables in their job definitions, which get expanded based on OS on the RQD side, but this is quite involved and we'll definitely have built-in support for mixed-platform jobs in the future.
In addition to that, there is a lot of new code so it's likely some subtle bugs are hidden in the there that we haven't found yet.

Given all that, we're considering Windows support in OpenCue to be at an Alpha level. We're definitely going to be doing more work to resolve the above issues, but we wanted to get our existing code out now so users can get started with some early testing.

We'd love to hear any feedback, especially if there are ideas/preferences around how we should resolve the issues I listed above. Feel free to write to the mailing list or file a Github issue as you'd like!

Huge thanks to Christian Smith at Microsoft Azure for driving much of the Windows development and testing!

- brian