Re: OpenEXR release 2.4.0

Cary Phillips

On Thu, Sep 19, 2019 at 4:48 PM Cary Phillips <cary@...> wrote:
We're happy to announce the release of OpenEXR v2.4.01, available for download here:

This release contains no major new functionality, although it does include many miscellaneous bug and security fixes. The major new feature is a completely rewritten CMake setup, which should work reliably on Linux, macOS, and Windows. The installation instructions and project documentation are also freshly revised. See the release notes for the complete details.

The project also now supports continuous integration via Azure Pipelines and code analysis via SonarCloud, services supported by the Academy Software Foundation. Links to the dashboards are through the"Azure Pipelines" and "quality gate" badges at the top the GitHub repo home page.

Summary of changes:
  • Completely re-written CMake configuration files
  • Improved support for building on Windows, via CMake
  • Improved support for building on macOS, via CMake
  • All code compiles without warnings on gcc, clang, msvc
  • Cleanup of license and copyright notices
  • floating-point exception handling is disabled by default
  • New Slice::Make method to reliably compute base pointer for a slice.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes
This version fixes the following security vulnerabilities:
  • CVE-2018-18444 Issue #351 Out of Memory
  • CVE-2018-18443 Issue #350 heap-buffer-overflow

Cary Phillips | R&D Supervisor | ILM | San Francisco

Cary Phillips | R&D Supervisor | ILM | San Francisco

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