Re: Imf::Chromaticities::operator==

Cary Phillips

Piotr, it looks like you contributed these functions, although I can't tell if you were the original author or just did the merge.  Do you recall anything about the logic of the comparison operators and the white channel? 

Thanks for any insight.

- Cary

On Tue, Feb 4, 2020 at 3:16 PM Cary Phillips <cary@...> wrote:
Arkell Rasiah posed, the question, is there a reason that the Imf::Chromaticities comparison operators ignore the "white" channel? Is this intentional, or an oversight? Anyone have any recollection about the logic?

Chromaticities::operator == (const Chromaticities & c) const
    return red == && green == && blue ==;

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Cary Phillips | R&D Supervisor | ILM | San Francisco

Cary Phillips | R&D Supervisor | ILM | San Francisco

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