Re: VFX reference platform 2021 and OpenEXR 3.0

Cary Phillips

The release of OpenEXR 3.0 should be in the next few weeks, although we don't have a firm date yet.

In terms of stability, the 3.0 release is primarily a repackaging and cleanup of the system to ease building and installation, especially related to the Imath component, plus some additional functionality, but there is very little being introduced that should risk instability, although I understand your concerns about adopting it so close to a release date. We haven't had discussions with any other vendors on the topic as of yet. 

- Cary

On Thu, Feb 11, 2021 at 7:31 AM Brecht Van Lommel <brechtvanlommel@...> wrote:

For Blender, we are in the process of upgrading to the VFX reference platform 2021, which applies to major software releases in 2021. The platform includes OpenEXR 3.0, which has not been released yet.

Is there an estimate of the release date? I could not find one on this mailing list or in the TSC meeting notes. For the Blender release schedule, mid-March is basically the latest point we can upgrade, although earlier would be preferable.

Or perhaps most other software vendors are sticking to OpenEXR 2.x in 2021? Is OpenEXR 3.0 expected to be stable enough to use for a software release that comes out in 3 months from now?

Thanks for any advice,

Cary Phillips | R&D Supervisor | ILM | San Francisco

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