"latest" release

Cary Phillips

I just noticed that the new GItHub interface prominently identifies the "latest" release on the main repo page, and there's a "latest" label on the releases page, as well. However, that date is derived from the date of the commits in the tag.   The consequences of this are that the repo identifies v2.4.2 as the "latest" release rather than v2.5.2, because v2.4.2 is the result of backporting fixes from 2.5.2, i.e. the commits came later.

This seems quite confusing and unfortunate, since I think most people would assume "latest" implies the order of semantic versioning.

I found the suggestion of replacing the tag with an annotated tag, with which you can supposedly set the date, but I haven't been able to get it to work. Has anyone done this before?

- Cary

Cary Phillips | R&D Supervisor | ILM | San Francisco