BaiLong <teneigh...@...>

Hi everyone,
I'm just a simpel student and totaly new to this stuff.
I read the specifications as soon as I could download it.
Hopefully I can make it to set up the developing environment soon,
because this stuff seems to be awesome! ;)

I hope it's ok if I post here such basic questions, because right now
there is not much help on this topic out there... ;)

The first question that puzzles me is the shadertypes.
Because in section 4. of the spec there are 4 - 5 types (depends if
you count the light shadertype).
But in the formal language Grammar section there are also imager and
integrator shaders listet.
I just try a shot in the dark and guess that the imager shader is
similar to the ones in RenderMan...
But what is an integrator? Is it an already included type or just a
reserved one for future use? If it already exists, what is it used

Thanks for the help!


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