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Apologies for these discrepancies.

When I wrote the spec, "light" was anticipated to be a separate type, but eventually we realized it wasn't needed. I should remove it from the docs but keep it "reserved" in the grammar, in case we need it later.

"imager" is probably unnecessary, but also reserved. But we've done nothing to implement it.

The "integrator" is the part of the system that takes closures as input and figures out how much radiance really is going in a *particular* direction (given access to lights and ability to sample arbitrary directions). Currently, the integrator is a hard-coded part of the renderer, though we definitely intend to extend the language so that integrators may be written in OSL itself.

-- lg

On Jan 19, 2010, at 9:27 AM, BaiLong wrote:

Hi everyone,
I'm just a simpel student and totaly new to this stuff.
I read the specifications as soon as I could download it.
Hopefully I can make it to set up the developing environment soon,
because this stuff seems to be awesome! ;)

I hope it's ok if I post here such basic questions, because right now
there is not much help on this topic out there... ;)

The first question that puzzles me is the shadertypes.
Because in section 4. of the spec there are 4 - 5 types (depends if
you count the light shadertype).
But in the formal language Grammar section there are also imager and
integrator shaders listet.
I just try a shot in the dark and guess that the imager shader is
similar to the ones in RenderMan...
But what is an integrator? Is it an already included type or just a
reserved one for future use? If it already exists, what is it used

Thanks for the help!

Larry Gritz

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