Re: Compiling OpenShadingLanguage under Windows

Chris Foster <chri...@...>

On Thu, Jan 21, 2010 at 11:02 AM, Blair Zajac <bl...@...> wrote:
The main annoyance with wave is that it causes the compiler to issue truly
horrendous error messages if you get things wrong (the wave internals make
heavy use of template metaprogramming).
(Obviously this is only a problem when integrating wave into the project
source, and that's not really difficult at all.)

There's mcpp which is designed to be an embeddable C-preprocessor.

Ice, which we use at Sony Imageworks for all our middle-tier systems, uses
mcpp for it's own internal IDL type language, so I would recommend that.
mcpp looks nice. In some sense, using wave would mean one less dependency
since OSL already relies on boost, but it does mean linking to libboost-wave,
so if you have a modular boost install the point may be moot...


PS: Sorry to Blair for the duplicate message. I intended to send it
to the list :-(

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