Re: run flags vs active intervals

Xavier Ho <con...@...>

On Fri, Jan 22, 2010 at 4:15 AM, Wormszer <worm...@...> wrote:
Is it ok to ask these questions in this thread like this or should I be starting a new one? I don't want to fill this thread with off topic information from the original questions? I am somewhat new to this process, and unclear on what is looked down upon.

As a uni student who is keen on the OSL open source release, I'm glad to be reading these discussions - particularly questions and answers. They're the source of knowledge, freely shared insights. It excites the community in its common understanding of this project, and benefits those who, like myself, digest the information that go through mailing lists. Not to mention this is probably archived, and later on searchable if you ever need it again. My opinion is, if it's related, it's probably okay. Unless you intend to start a newer/bigger conversation, there isn't really a need to start a new thread. Having multiple threads on similar topics only make digging information harder, anyhow.

My 2 cp,

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