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Nick Porcino <nick....@...>

Thanks, that was just the info I needed! A few libraries in macports
were left overs from a Leopard universal binary build. I uninstalled a
pile of libraries, working backwards from the link errors; reinstalled
the ones OIIO needed, and now all is well!

On Jan 17, 7:17 am, Larry Gritz <l...@...> wrote:
I do a most of my day-to-day development on Snow Leopard, so I know this can be made to work.

Are you building OIIO by checking out the "external" project and trying to build the whole thing?  If so, that may be more trouble than it's worth.  The "external" project is not needed, it serves mainly to guarantee to be the same dependency versions among all developers, independent of anything else installed on the system, or for people who lack permissions to install the packages in the right places in their system.

I would get rid of the "external" project and just compile OIIO straight -- it will find the dependencies it needs in your system.  The only ones it really needs in order to be useful for OSL are boost, libtiff, ilmbase, and openexr, and it's pretty easy to install those with Macports if you don't already have them on your system.  (OIIO's build system will handle other missing dependencies by just not building the parts that need them -- typically plugins for other image formats, none of which are especially useful for OSL's texturing.)

Another alternative is to post to the OIIO list and attach the actual output.  ("libtiff doesn't build" is a tad vague, maybe it's an easy fix we can suggest.)

        -- lg

On Jan 16, 2010, at 11:49 PM, Nick Porcino wrote:

I'm having some difficulty building OpenImageIO on macos (Snow
Leopard), as a required pre-requisite for building OSL. The build of
the external packages fails because libtiff doesn't build. Everything
else does.
I simply did a clean pull from the repository and followed the
instructions (and I've built dozens of open source things before, so
the issue is not unfamiliarity with make systems or anything like
I've done all the usual sorts of troubleshooting, but nothing strikes
me as obviously wrong with the set up. Before I dig in seriously to
work out why the build is failing, I thought I would potentially save
some time by asking here first if anyone has successfully built on
macos after a fresh pull of OIIO and OSL, and if not, what issues and
resolutions might have got things working.
Larry Gritz

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