Re: Fix errors and warnings from g++-4.4.1 (issue193074)


On 2010/01/24 08:26:12, blair wrote:
You could do what Google Protocol Buffers does and determine which
hash map to
use at configure time. It works with g++ 3.4.x all the way up to
4.4.x. See
the m4 file at:
IMHO this seems to be a bit of overkill, and my preferred option would
be just to specify that >=boost-1.36 was necessary. However I know that
may not be an option for everyone so I'll let the OSL core developers
chime in. What's the story guys?

I'll note that using hash_map *does* compile with g++-4.4.1, but not
without warnings (and hence doesn't compile when using -Werror which is
turned on by default in the build scripts).

Protocol Buffers has a new BSD license so this could be copied
straight from
The M4 would have to be converted to cmake, but it's good to see all the
potential places which hash_map may reside. Gosh there's a lot!

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