Re: Review: bind refactor (issue195042)

File src/liboslexec/exec.cpp (right):
src/liboslexec/exec.cpp:191: VaryingRef<float> * valref = NULL, *dxref =
NULL, *dyref = NULL;
On 2010/01/26 19:57:25, ckulla wrote:
This is a big confusing - they all get turned into a VaryingRef to
floats even
though they all have different types. Maybe a comment could explain
why this
isn't important here.
The idea is that the VaryingRef is really just a pointer underneath, so
I'm combining the triple and float cases rather than have two sets of
I'll put in a comment and re-submit.
src/liboslexec/exec.cpp:310: // Uninitialized strings in the heap can
really screw
On 2010/01/26 19:57:25, ckulla wrote:
Could we mark this as temporary? I really think it would be better to
this on the compiler side.
I'm not sure I agree. Why clutter up the instruction stream with
initializations? It's only a runtime implementation issue that the way
we store strings can lead to bad things for uninitialized memory in the
string variable. If this weren't the case (as it may not be for a
different "back end"), we wouldn't bother with this, necessarily.

But I'll put in a comment here that at least points out the possibility
that it could be solved in the compiler.

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