Re: "Polymorphic" in OSL manual

Iliyan <iliyan....@...>

I think one of the reasons for this extensive explanation was meant to
make the point that functions cannot be overloaded only by return
type, in contrast to RSL :) This, along with many other "restrictions"
of OSL, makes sense, I'd argue.

On Feb 1, 7:54 pm, Larry Gritz <l...@...> wrote:
I believe you are correct.  Polymorphism should refer to types, what I was talking about is really "overloading."

        -- lg

On Feb 1, 2010, at 10:46 AM, Blair Zajac wrote:

Hey guys,
Reading through the OSL manual, on page 20 there's this paragraph:
"""Functions may be polymorphic.  That is, multiple functions may be
defined to have the same name, as long as they have differently-typed
parameters, so that when the function is called the list of arguments
can disambiguate which version of the function is desired."""
In C++ terminology, do you mean overloaded?  Polymorphic to me means
that the function takes a type parameter, or is a templated function.
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