Re: Review: improve adjust_varying (issue204046)


Seems like a good change. A few questions about the implementation:
(maybe just needs more comments)
File src/liboslexec/exec.cpp (right):
src/liboslexec/exec.cpp:386: Runflag *orig =
Why is this save/restore needed?
src/liboslexec/exec.cpp:534: run (beginop, endop);
Why is m_conditional_level not set for this case?
File src/liboslexec/opcontrol.cpp (right):
src/liboslexec/opcontrol.cpp:110: exec->enter_conditional ();
Why is this needed? Can't it be handled inside push/pop runflags?
File src/liboslexec/oslexec_pvt.h (right):
src/liboslexec/oslexec_pvt.h:67: #define NO_DEBUG_ADJUST_VARYING
I would prefer having:


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