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Larry Gritz

I'm not trying to make excuses for our lack of documentation, just trying to explain it. 

The "end users" are the people writing shaders, and so we do publish the language spec (and hopefully, are working toward more OSL programming tutorial material). The rest of the "end user" documentation is kind of pushed to the renderers, because OSL is embedded in rendering products as a library so the way it's exposed to users will vary a lot from renderer to renderer.

But the basic reason that there is currently no separate documentation for the C++ APIs is that they aren't something that ordinary end users (people who write shaders) ever need to know about. Those APIs are only of interest to the authors of renderers who wish to embed OSL into their renderer.  We're trying to improve this, but that's the basic reason why the current "documentation" is just the comments in the headers themselves, and the code of the sample programs like testshade and test render.

-- lg

On Jan 7, 2021, at 3:09 PM, Reza Aarabi <madoodia@...> wrote:

Hi guys

Just wanted to know there is any Doxygen style documentation for OSL API?

I wanted to read about some C++ classes (like RendererService) but couldn't find the good Detail Description about it,
there is any link for C++ API classes of OSL?
please share with me

Larry Gritz

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