Re: OSL logo design ideas

Zap Andersson

Warning - stupid sketches done by hand following. These are ideas, not the actual logos - LOL.

Ok, this is tricky, I like the idea of connected boxes, but having the "cable" look like an S without it stopping to evoke the connected cable is .. .hard. And making the L look like another box while still looking like an L ... same problem. 

But while I like this idea, I think it misses other opportunities of shading.  We could either go all out and have the O be en actually nicely looking textured sphere, complete with a highlight in the shape of a window, Tin Toy style :)

While I appreciate all the "thinking" about limited color schemes, it's 2021 and not only is paper dead, printing technology has come a long way from 2 color silk screening, so I'm not sure we have to be scared to put actual color and texture on there.

Someone mentioned on the previous meeting an idea that was not dissimilar to what I had myself... a wireframe sphere fading to textured. (The S and the L are just meant to have some random cool texutre on them, like wood and beehive marble or whatnot?)

I was sketching some completely random ideas - feel free to ignore.

I can haz teapots for an O?

Maybe get some rays back in there??


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