Re: FEATURE REQUEST: "shader" type and ability to "call" shaders


This is an old thread now but it's become current for me in my work just this past week.  I'm situated firmly between the artists and the renderer makers and I write my own plugins for Maya and Houdini to support OSL and 3Delight.


We are wrestling with scenes from a third party that have some Arnold triplanar projections and will be going through the process of outputting the graphs to NSI.    I understand the various concerns people have posted and in general I would never let any of my artists create this sort of node graph in our production scenes -- the sort of thing we are running in to upstream from the triplanar nodes would be better served by being baked into texture maps.  BUT.  This is a very expressive idiom in a shading graph and it seems perfectly logical that the OSL graph should be able to be modeled the same way.  This is certainly the way I would think of doing a triplanar projection absent any examples.  Namely:


Here's my input.. project it from three directions.


Whether this proposal (and Larry's expression of it above) are the correct one? That's above my pay grade.  But I will definitely throw any weight I might have behind the fact that it *must* be solved inside OSL.  It's a pretty glaring hole in OSL in my eyes.





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