Re: macOS - Makefile generation error on master

Patrick Hodoul

I found something.

brew install imath version 3.0.3, and OpenImageIO version looks for Imath 3.0.3 so, everything seems fine.

If I change the OSL file ./src/cmake/externalpackages.cmake to add an explicit request to find Imath version 3.0, the library found is Imath version 3.0.2 !!
And OpenImageIO is only looking for Imath 3.0.3 (Refer to "/usr/local/lib/cmake/OpenImageIO/OpenImageIOConfig.cmake").

The Imath version is 3.0.3 but the Imath file "/usr/local/Cellar/imath/3.0.3/include/Imath/ImathConfig.h" indicates version 3.0.2 !! 

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