Re: Build errors

Larry Gritz <larry...@...>

Aha, you must be a prior OpenImageIO user. You need to 'svn update'
and recompile your OIIO -- this code in OSL requires a recent change
to the ParamValueList helper class that's part of OIIO.

At this moment, the required OIIO change is only in the OIIO trunk, it
hasn't migrated to the 0.7 release branch. Let me know if this is a
problem, and I'll merge it right away.

-- lg

On Jan 12, 4:51 am, Adrien Herubel <he...@...> wrote:

I encountered several minor build errors both on release and debug. I
corrected a few (I'll release a patch if you're interrested) but there
is one i can't explain :
src/liboslexec/opmessage.cpp:71: error: ‘class ParamValueList’ has no
member named ‘grow’

I didn't find any declaration of the class/struct/typedef of

I used :
g++ (SUSE Linux) 4.4.1 [gcc-4_4-branch revision 150839]

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