Re: Question about BSDFClosure functions

Alex Conty <aco...@...>

Great to hear from you, I had no idea you were involved in this
Well, is Larry's baby. I'm in the group that makes the render using

I incorrectly interpreted what would actually be given to the
renderer, I thought it would be a single bsdfclosure that somehow
included additions and multiplications, but looking at the source code
more closely, it's a weighted sum of different closures. That leaves
That's right.

importance sampling and other things more to the rendering engine, so

that solves my question. I was assuming otherwise because this imposes
a limitation on how you can combine/manipulate closures, but I guess
there's still closures written in OSL that could be used to get around
the limitation.
That's more of a question for Larry. I know osl closures are in the
roadmap, but he is the one to talk to about this.


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