Re: Compiling OpenShadingLanguage under Windows

Oleg <ode...@...>

Hi Jeremy,

I have installed the latest cygwin version and was able to process all
flex/bison files. The cygwin flex version can handle "/" as path
separator, too :-) Apart from that I had the same problems compiling
"oslinfo", "oslquery", "oslcomp" and "exec" projects. I have found c99
macro definitions




Maybe we can use CUDA or OpenCL (which is better, since available on
NVIDIA/ATI) for all missing math functions. Please see

page 120
page 168


On 18 Jan., 05:51, Wormszer <wo...@...> wrote:
My generated code issues were from VS having not rebuilt the files with the
new flex.

So now I am just left with a bunch of missing math functions.
It looks likes visual studios implementation of math. or cmath is missing a
lot of the functions.

Things like
log2f, logbf, truncf, etc
and defines like M_E, M_1_PI, M_PI_2 etc.

See if you run into the same thing and then im not sure where to go from

I guess we should get some feedback from others, maybe they are available
somewhere else, or I could be missing something.


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