OSL 1.11.4 release

Larry Gritz

I usually aim for 1st of each month for a patch release, but a succession of little build problems that needed fixing before release kept me from doing it in as timely a manner as I wanted. But here it is.

We have tagged v1.11.14.0 (aka Release- as the latest supported production release of OSL, guaranteed to be backwards-compatible for API, ABI, and link, versus prior 1.11.x releases.

Release 1.11.14 -- 10 May 2021 (compared to 1.11.13)
* oslc/OSLCompiler: Check for errors when when writing oso (for example,
disk volume full). #1360
* Fix crash generating closure function calls with LLVM 11. #1361
* Build: LLVM 12 compatibility. #1351
* Build: Support for CMake 3.20 #1354
* Build: Be robust to certain OpenEXR 2.x config fies. #1356
* Build: Fixes to deal with newer OIIO builds that are C++14.

Larry Gritz