Does anybody care about TextureSystem::shadow()?

Larry Gritz

When dinosaurs roamed the earth, OIIO's TextureSystem API assumed it might be used for many different types of renderers, and so we had placeholders for shadow mapping calls (and related parameters in the TextureOptions).

We never implemented them, because soon after founding OIIO, I started working someplace that was using a ray tracer, so it was not a priority or need for me personally. And not long after that, there was an asteroid impact, and in the aftermath, ray tracers became the dominant land species, and now people barely remember the lumbering rendering beasts that needed shadow maps. In short, we never quite got around to implementing shadow maps, and nobody asked for them.

Now, I know that some people either have forked OIIO or have a completely different TS implementation hiding behind its API (for the sake of OSL, which uses the API but doesn't really care if it's actually OIIO's implementation or a custom one).

Does anybody still care about the TS::shadow() methods, or the shadow-related fields in TextureOpt? Would anybody get bent out of shape if we deprecated them and slated them for eventual removal next time we reach a version milestone where API back-compatibility is not necessary? Or is there a reason to keep them?

Cross-posting to both oiio and osl mail lists to catch everybody who would know or care.

Larry Gritz