OSL v1.11.16.0 and branch rename plans

Larry Gritz

Today we tagged "v1.11.16.0" as the latest patch release in the 1.11 family, guaranteed to be back-compatible with both API and ABI compared to prior 1.11 releases. The "release" branch marker has also been moved to this location. Release notes are below.

The only additions this time are for compatibility with the new LLVM/clang 13.0.

Meanwhile, lots of new (and potentially API breaking activity) continue in the master branch.

Speaking of which, the OSL Technical Steering Committee decided at their last meeting to go ahead and change the name of the active development branch from "master" to "main", in keeping with the current default for new repositories across the Git ecosystem (including git itself, GitHub, and GitLab) as well as the trend among other ASWF projects.

I'll throw that switch a week from now, on Nov 7. That should give people time to be ready, although it should be minimally disruptive. I believe that GitHub will even automatically redirect requests for "master" to "main", so I think even if individual users or scripts don't update anything on their end, few things can truly break.

Release -- 1 Nov 2021 (compared to
* Fixes to work with LLVM 13, and to compile with clang 13. #1412 #1420

Larry Gritz